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Hey everyone.: This is Stefan from www.projectlifemastery.com. In this video I’m going to share with you 20 reasons why most people fail to build a successful online business.. Now, before I jump into things, I got a little warning for you: guys.

I’m going to be shooting you straight in this video., I’m going to be totally honest, totally authentic, totally real and I’m not going to hold anything back., I’m going to tell what you need To hear not what you want to hear.

, So if you’re someone who’s easily offended, I recommend you turn off this video. You look somewhere else. Because, in order for me to effectively communicate what I’m going to share with you in this video and share these 20 reasons, why most people fail and prevent you from failing in your business is: I need to communicate with a level of intensity And emotion, and caring and honesty that’s, unlike anything, else.

. I’Ve worked with now thousands of people to build a successful online business and a lot of people that have gone on to be very, very successful and a lot of people that failed. A lot of people that struggled.

It frustrates the hell out of me., As you guys know my whole mission in life. Everything that I do in my business is because I want to make a difference in your life and other people’s lives as well..

I’Ve dedicated my life to this and take my business my time very seriously what I do. I want you to succeed.. I want to see people succeed.. I want to see people have success and achieve what you want in your life.

. So when I see people that fail, it really bothers me.. I get emotional about it because, because I worked so hard to help people succeed., I’m hoping you guys get that I’m hoping you guys see the caring that I have behind everything that I do.

Right now. I’M recording this on a Sunday, not because I have to do it, but because I want to do it., I want to make a difference.. That’S why I put out hundreds and hundreds of videos on YouTube.. It’S because I want to help you succeed in your life.

. That’S why I create training programs and products and might recommend different courses and products to you.. It’S because I want you to succeed. A lot of people that I’ve worked with, have gone on, changed their life for the better make a lot of money online.

Six figures: seven figures; eight figures even., I’m very proud of that, but I’ve also seen so many people that fail and struggle people that are watching here on YouTube or on my podcast or on my blog.

. Seeing people struggle people that maybe even invest in my training. Programs., I see a lot of people struggle. People that are in my Facebook groups., I’m just seeing a lot of different post and messages, and I’m just seeing so many mistakes that people are making.

. I’Ve made these mistakes myself.. If you guys don’t know my story, I failed for years.. I struggled for years.. It was not easy for me in any way.. I struggled more than most people did.. I was always very slow.

. It took me a long time.. I had a lot of barriers that were holding me back a lot of the things I’m going to share with you in this video.. It wasn’t until I was finally honest with myself and got to the truth and looked to myself in the mirror that I was able to make changes in my life.

Part of what I’m going to share with you guys. I want you guys to be honest with yourself.. That’S the only way you’re going to make a change.. It doesn’t feel good. To be honest, that’s why a lot of people they cover things up to come up with reasons or stories or justifications on why things are okay.

, Why things are acceptable, the way they are.. Why they’re doing? Okay, instead of getting to the truth, because the truth doesn’t feel good. Facing the reality, it’s uncomfortable., It might mean that you have to admit that you’re not enough or that you’re failing or you’re coming up short.

. I get that, but I’m going to ask you in order to change your life, you have to have courage., That’s what it takes man.. It takes courage to change your life.. It takes courage to build a business to be successful.

. It takes looking yourself in the mirror and being willing to be vulnerable with yourself. Put aside, the ego. Be vulnerable., Have an open mind and be one to admit that you could be doing more.. You could be doing better.

, You could face this.. You could overcome this in your life and then just going for it.. That’S what you got to do.. So I want you guys to be honest with yourselves, based on what I’m sharing with you.

. Reassess yourself, really. Identify “, Okay, what’s stopping me ?”, I’m going to list 20 reasons here., Which ones are stopping you, If you guys, can do that and have the courage to ace yourself head on.

Look yourself in the mirror and admit to yourself that you’re coming up short, you need to work on this or that and then actually take action to overcome it. You can break through and create whatever kind of success that you want for your life.

. I’M often reminded of something that I heard from Tony Robbins that I that I preach on my YouTube channel and you guys probably already know this “ 80 % of success in anything. Is your psychology? 20 % are the mechanics.

” That 80 %. That’S psychology is what I’m sharing with you right now in this video., Because the how-to the strategies are there.. I’Ve got great training programs. I’Ve got my K Money. Mastery. I’Ve got training that I’ve recommended to you guys.

It’s there for you. The training. The step-by-step is there. It’s available for you to create the success that you want.. You follow the training. You follow the formulas, you work hard., You apply the psychology that I’m sharing with you you’ll create whatever kind of success that you want.

Again. Most people fail because they’re missing that psychology.. Hopefully I can communicate with you guys in this video the importance of this and help you make that shift so that you can break through and create the success that you want.

All right With. That being said, let’s jump into the 20 reasons why most people fail to build a successful online. Business. Number one reason number one, and none of these are in order of importance.

They’Re just random reasons that I came up, with. Looking at the thousands of people that I’ve worked, with. I’ve identified the patterns of success and the patterns of failure. Number. One reason is a lot of people they fail because they lack belief, confidence and certainty in themselves and in the process and in their business.

All right, A lot of people. They lack confidence., They lack belief.. You can’t be successful if you’re not confident.. Show me someone. That’S massively successful that doesn’t have confidence to go along with it.

. You have to believe in yourself.. If you don’t believe in yourself, then you’re not going to take action. You’re not going to do what’s necessary to build your business because you don’t believe in yourself.

. You don’t even believe that you’re going to be successful.. So how can you possibly create success if you don’t have that belief, if you don’t have that confidence that certainty, If you’re uncertain, if you have doubt, then you’re going to do a little bit here and there but you’re not going to be all in.

You’re, not Going to commit yourself fully., You have to have confidence and belief in the business in the opportunity in the process.. If you don’t believe that your business model is going to create the success that you want or help you achieve your goals, then you’re not going to take action either.

. I see this time and time again with people that invest in my training, but they didn’t even believe fully that the training is going to work for them., They’re kind of like have one foot in and one foot out.

. They dabble with it. A little bit. Then sure enough. They sure enough. They look for reasons to reinforce. Why they’re not going to be successful. Right, They publish a book or they do something start a business and it doesn’t work out their way.

. They reinforce that belief and say “ See. I told you. I told you that you’re not going to because successful. I told you this wouldn’t work.. I knew that other people, my family or my friends, said that you’re not going to be successful.

, It’s not going to work.”. Then you justify that belief, because you’re holding on to that story., That’s stopping you and holding you back.. You’Ve got to overcome the limiting beliefs that you have and believe.

You got to have. Faith. Faith is a stronger level of belief. That’S believing even when. There’S no reason to believe.: That’s what faith is.! You have to have a delusional belief in yourself that you will be successful, no matter, what.

That this business will work.. I know for myself. I had that belief when I was younger.. I just knew that I would be successful.. I had no doubt whatsoever.. I knew that I was going to be a millionaire by the time I was 30.

. I just knew it. Once I discovered Internet marketing online business. There was no doubt in my mind, because I saw all these other people that were successful.. I knew that as long as I work my ass off and do what it takes then I’ll be successful as well.

. I had that unrelenting belief in myself, even though there were no reasons in my life to believe.. I was a failure.. I was a loser.. I had a lot of issues, a lot of limiting beliefs. I was living in my friend’s living room.

. I was struggling.. I was in debt.. I had no reasons to believe that I was actually going to be successful, but I had faith that I was.. That’S what faith is guys and you need that to be successful.. I can give you a few tips on how to build and develop that belief.

. A lot of what I share on my YouTube channel can help you with that. But number one is feed your mind. Feed your mind with stories of people that are successful.. When you see other people that went from failure to success, that shows you in your mind that you can do it as well.

. If they did it, you can do it. Find role models.. Maybe I’m a role model for you great, but find more. Find other people that failed and then created success, because that will reinforce to you that you can do it that you’ll be successful.

. If your entire role models in your life are people that are failures around you that have a negative attitude and they’re all broke and struggling in it that doesn’t give you any hope. That doesn’t give you any belief that you’re going to be successful as well.

. So you’ve got to change. That. You’ve got to find people that are more successful than you and feed your mind and surround yourself with them., Read books or invest in training or maybe from my YouTube.

Whatever it is. Learn from people more successful than you.. I try to interview people and share them here on my YouTube channel, hoping that you guys get that., You could see other people that have done it.

Other people that are successful.. That’S showing you the way of success that you can do it as well.. Anybody can do it., It doesn’t matter who you are where you live in the world. What your circumstances are.

I’ve, never encountered a type of person that doesn’t have the potential for success, but you have to believe in yourself. All right. I believe in you. Without a doubt – and I might not even know you.

, I probably don’t even know you, but I still believe in you., Because I know that if you’re here watching this video right now, you have the potential to change your life.. If you’re someone that subscribes to me follows me in some way you have that courage.

. You have that faith., Because to follow me to invest in my training. To invest in one of my courses takes courage. Takes faith takes trust.. Maybe it might not be consistent for you that belief, but I know it’s there.

. You got to cultivate it. One of the best ways to cultivate it that you guys know I’m huge on is a morning ritual.. Taking that time everyday, you got to condition your mindset. Your belief system every single morning to prepare yourself for the day.

. You got to start the day with that belief.. If you don’t have it, you got to work on that. Everyday. Affirmations incantations reading books, doing everything, that’s necessary. That prepares you that gives you the confidence and determination to put yourself in this state of doing what’s required to build your business every day.

. It starts with a morning ritual guys. Again, if you guys want my training program, what I’ve created on creating a morning ritual then check out morningritualmastery.com.. It’S helped thousands of people now.

, I’m very proud of that program, and it will share with you how you can make that shift in your psychology. Your mindset, your belief system, to be more productive to be achieve more success in your life.

, Create a morning ritual. That’S one of the best ways that I know of that I did for myself since I was 17 years old to condition myself to make who I am today., Because everything that I am today everything I’ve created.

I created years ago, through repetitively doing my morning ritual every single day to condition myself to be who I am today and who I’m going to be in the future. All right so believe in yourself and the process.

Number two reason why a lot of people fail Is they don’t have any patience.? They focus on the short term, not the long term.. Listen. If you want to build anything, that’s meaningful anything that is success in your life, whether it’s a business or anything.

It takes time.. It’S not going to happen. Overnight., You have to be patient, you have to trust the process.. I don’t know anybody that just invests in a training or starts a business and then all of a sudden, just like that they’re a success.

Doesn’t happen that way. Most people fail. Most people go through setbacks and adversity along the way, but because they’re focused on the long term, they’re patient. They’re willing to get through those adversities and get through those little speed bumps, because they’re focused on the horizon.

You’ve got to focus on the horizon. You’Ve got to have a vision for what you want. Then work hard and be patient along the way, but the problem is: there are a lot of people looking to get rich, quick.

They’re looking for a loophole, a gimmick. They want to press a button and make all this money.. That’S a surefire way to fail in business.. You might make a little bit of money here and there, but it’s not going to last.

It’S not going to be sustainable.. You have to give up the short term thinking. Focus on the long term. It’S a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on not what you’re going to get a month from now or three months from now or six months from now, but a year from now, five ten years from now.

, That’s how far you have to think. You’ve got to prepare And take action today, knowing that what you’re doing is going to benefit you five years from now to create the life that you want. So focus on the long term guys have patience.

, Don’t make that mistake. Number three people fail because they’re not willing to do the Work. They’re not willing to fully commit themselves and put in the work, that’s required to create the success that they want.

Success is not easy. Guys.. It’S a lonely, road., There’s a lot of work.. That’S why a lot of people don’t achieve success. Is that they’re? Just not willing to do the work., You have to want it so bad that doing the work.

It is just something that you understand that you’re willing to do, because what you want is so important for you. I mean, if you guys had any idea how much I work every day and how much I’ve worked throughout the years.

. Most people wouldn’t even be able to relate, or fathom the amount of work that I’ve put into my business and myself.. If you guys follow me on Snapchat, which I recommend that you guys do., There will be a link in the description, but my user name is stefanjames1.

stefanjames1.. You guys will see every single day. It’S a Sunday. It’S a Saturday. I don’t care. What day of the week it is I’m working my ass off to build my business., I’m in a position where I don’t need to be working as much.

. I’Ve already made millions of dollars. Online., I’ve already created a lot of success and I’m living the life that I want, but I want to create more.. I want to make more of an impact.. I want to make more of a difference.

. I want to grow and become more.. I love the process of it., I’m focused on my goals, my vision, five ten years from now., I’ve never lost that. Hunger. You’ve got to have that hunger. If you want to have success and you have to be willing to hustle and grind and do things that most people are not willing to do.

, If you want to have in your life what very few people get a chance to have and experience. You’ve got to Work, your ass off.. I can’t tell you how many days and nights that I’ve worked from morning till midnight beyond midnight.

. I remember one time I was in Bogota in Columbia, struggling back in 2012.. I was at the time just building Project Life Mastery.. I remember one time I stayed up two days. Straight. Did not sleep. Two days straight.

, I was renting this little place.. I didn’t go out at all. I hardly left except I went to the store to buy a loaf of bread and like sandwich meats and mustard.. That’S all I ate for like a week.. I just had bottles of water.

. I just couldn’t even I didn’t even want to spend anytime to grocery shop or even think about food, because I wanted all of my focus energy and attention going towards building my business.. I was operating from a place of desperation.

. People are driven by desperation or inspiration. Often times. Desperation is a much more powerful motivator, but that’s what it was for me. So working hard guys. That goes without being said, but you can’t be lazy.

. I see people they just don’t have the work. Ethic. They’re, lazy. They’d much rather watch TV and play video games than spend that time to grow a business or achieve their goals. They’re not going to achieve anything being a lazy person.

You’ve got to overcome. Procrastination. You’ve got to change your habits.. You’Ve got to change and develop discipline in your life.. I can’t go into all the how-to’s of everything, but guys check out my YouTube channel, my blog, my podcast.

. I’Ve got videos on all this stuff that can help you guys make these changes, but that’s another common reason why a lot of people fail and don’t have success. All right. So look at yourself. Write this down guys.

Hopefully you guys are writing this down.. Is this where I’m coming up short? Do I have the work ethic? Am I doing whatever it takes? Am I working hard? My habits that are holding me back am I procrastinating.

Am I focused on the short term too much. Am I focused on the long term? I don’t have any patience.. Is that what’s holding me back, Is it the belief? Is it the confidence All right? I want you guys to really think about it.

. That’S how you’re going to make that change.. It’S not just by listening to me, but actually asking yourself. These questions. Look at yourself in the mirror. That’S how you’re going to make that change.

Next goal. Next reason why people fail. This is a big one.. They try to do things on their own. Man. Trying to do things on your own is just stupid.. It’S just stupid.. If you’re someone that’s watching this, I warned you that I might offend you.

. If you’re trying to do things on your own you’re, an idiot. Trust me, I’m not pointing the finger because I’ve been stupid before too.. I’Ve been an idiot before myself.. I remember I spent years trying to just learn how to build a business from looking at message: boards forums, Google and stuff.

, Trying to put together these pieces of these unverified sources of people that were out there on the Internet, sharing different articles and stuff.. Trying to put everything together and as a result, I’m spending all this time and making so many mistakes along the way.

. I was so stupid that I didn’t realise that I should have find a training program, a product a course and invest 100 bucks or less whatever it cost.. Even if it’s 1,000 bucks whatever invest that money to invest in something that could help me.

That has the structure the step by step that can guide me a long, the way to make it a seamless process to get to where I want to go. That didn’t occur to me at the time.. It took me a long time before I realized that, because I was too stuck in the mentality of oh, I can just figure it out.

On my own., I had too much ego.. I was closed off.. I was too proud to invest.. I was just trying to be a know-it-all., I was afraid to invest the money or do what was necessary to get to where I wanted to go.

. It was just stupid for me to think that way. Eventually, I realized I’m going to spend years trying to do it this way and the time that I’m spending is much more valuable than the 100 bucks or even 1,000 bucks that I can spend, because that 100 Bucks or that 1,000 bucks I can earn that just working a few weekends doing car washes and working at a temp agency or getting some extra work doing construction.

. I can earn that money in a much shorter period of time and use that money to invest in a training that can get me there. A lot faster and save me. The time save me the money, the stress, the failure, the mistakes that I would make along the way.

. It blows my mind how many people don’t think that way. They’d much rather spend so many hours of their life and time.? They don’t realize how valuable their time is, instead of just investing in something that will get there much faster.

. That’S how I think now.. If I want to get anything in my life, I think about where’s the training, the product, the resources, the people that I can learn from that can show me the way., I’m not going to reinvent the wheel.

, I’m going to learn from other people and model them And get there much faster., That’s another huge mistake that I see people make time and time again. I can’t tell you how many people they eventually invest in my product or coaching or whatever it is.

. They always say. I wish that I got this from the start, because now they’ve made so many mistakes and they realize how many mistakes they made.. They have to go back and I have to work with them to fix all those mistakes that they made all those bad habits that they made and all those screw ups they made in their business.

When they could have just gotten the training from the start. From the beginning and created the success that they wanted and much faster., That’s been a core thing that has helped me be successful in my life today is I learn from other people.

. I don’t have any ego.. I will learn from anyone who is more successful than myself., Even people that know things that I don’t know, I’m obsessed with learning from them., I’m not afraid to invest the time, the money whatever it takes.

Even if I didn’t have money, I still did this. Back when I was broke and struggling. I realized that I needed to invest in training, because what I was doing wasn’t working and if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

Things have to change, and you can’t do the exact same thing expecting a totally Different result., It doesn’t work. Another reason why a lot of people fail is they have crazy, unrealistic expectations.

. This kind of goes back to thing number, two that I mentioned and number three is lacking. Patience. People get caught up in this short-term thinking, mentality the get rich, quick mentality. As a result of that.

They think that “, I’m just going to start this business or whatever, and I’m going to make millions of dollars. I’m going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.”. If it was that easy, then everybody would be rich and successful.

. It’S not that easy. Guys. Often times I’ve done videos on this. What I recommend for people is your first goal is always to make $ 1 $ 1 online., That’s it.! If you can make that $ 1, it gives you confidence.

. It verifies for you that this works. It’s supposed to give you that belief in the process and in yourself.. If you can make a dollar you realize. Oh, my God, I can make $ 10. I can make $ 100.. You start to see the vision of.

What’S possible. Understanding that you’ve got to have realistic expectations if you’re brand new, if you’re a newbie to something you can’t expect to get the results of somebody, that’s more experienced than you.

Someone, that’s maybe already been building businesses or already has a background or has more Experience with computers or technology. They’ve already been through different businesses before or different training before.

. You can’t compare yourself to other people.. What’S most important is you’ve got to have realistic goals for yourself. So make it $ 1, then after that maybe $ 100. At the beginning, you’re not going to have these amazing results, but you work away at it.

The real results are long, term., They’re six months a year, five years from now.. That’S what you’re going to be able to create the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the millions of dollars that you want to create in your business.

All right so make sure that your expectations are realistic.. There’S no program, there’s no business that you just invest in it. You don’t have to do any work and you’re going to make all this money.

. It doesn’t that way.. It takes a lot of work. It takes time patience everything that I’m sharing with you guys.. Another reason I’m going to try to move through these a little bit for you guys.. Another reason is they’re afraid to invest, money.

, Listen to build a successful business. You’Ve got to invest money.. I can’t tell you how many people that are afraid to invest a little money here and there to build a business.. You need to invest in technology.

. You need to invest in maybe a graphics designer and a product to get your product made and stuff. People are looking to cut corners, they’re afraid to invest here and there. They’re trying to save $ 10 here and there it’s just crazy to me.

, Often times I’m Working with people publishing Kindle books and stuff, and they complain about a service that costs an extra $ 10.. I’M like “ Dude. What are you talking about man? It’S an extra $ 10 you’re going to get a better product and you’re too focused on saving money and you’re not focused on making the best product that you can have that can help people.

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” They’re getting a cover for their work done or something like that. A graphic. They’re going to go with the cheaper option of $ 5 or $ 10 rather than spending the extra the $ 5 or $ 10 to get a much better quality cover and product.

. That’S going to make the difference in your success.. I mean it just drives me insane. When I see this., I don’t know what to say.. You have to spend money in your business to grow it.. You have to invest money.

. When you make money, you have to invest it as well. Any business. You want to start requires an upfront amount of money and capital that you invest., You’re, always going to be running at a deficit at the beginning.

. Show me a business that doesn’t operate that way.. You want to start a restaurant.. Okay great! You know you need $ 50,000 $ 100,000 to start that restaurant.. Maybe you got to take a loan from the bank or whatever.

. You have to put money aside and save up and do that. You’re going to make money from it and you’re going to have to pay off that deficit that you’re operating at.. That’S what’s required to start a business.

You’re going to have to invest money, to create a product to create a book to create whatever. You’re, going to have to invest a little bit to market it and the tools, the resources that you need to help support you To grow your business.

At the beginning, you’re going to be operating at a loss., That’s just how it is.! I mean! If you don’t understand that, then don’t be in business.. Business is not for you. If you’re not willing to invest some money to start your business.

. It blows my mind how people are just …: They don’t realize you’ve got to invest money, not just in the training, but you’ve got to invest money.. If you want to build a website, you need a domain name.

You need hosting. You’re, going to need a logo. You’Re going to need some graphics you’re going to need some things.. If you want to start an Amazon business, you’re going to need to invest in some inventory.

You’re going to need to get a logo and labels done. You’re going to have to ship the product.. It’S going to cost you some money before you start making some money.. You want to build a publishing business you’re, going to have to order the book and get a book written.

You’re going to have to get the graphics.. You have to spend some money to market it.. You might have to hire an employee someone that can help. You build your business.. These are all things that prevent people from success.

Is they don’t realize these sort of things.? If you don’t have money, then go out there and make money., I don’t know what you’re doing with your day and your life, but there’s seven days a week.. You can get jobs out, there.

There’s many opportunities., There’s 24 hours in a day.. You can work eight hours a day. You can spend your weekends., You can work construction., You can work at a temp agency., You can be resourceful.

, You can do some extra work on the side or whatever to make some extra money that you can invest in your business.. Sometimes that’s what you got to do.. You got to work hard and make some of the capital from your job and what not then use that money to help your business grow and support it.

. That’S another reason why people fail and again look at yourself. Is that you Are you one of those people that’s held back by money or one of these reasons. Next reason they try to cut corners and find loopholes.

Again that may make you some short term money.. It’S not going to last. Look at the long-term sustainable strategies, not the short-term loopholes. People are always obsessed with that. They’re, looking to get rich, quick again they’re focusing on the short-term.

For me, there’s a lot of short-term loopholes in my business. There’s short-term loopholes. I can use to rank my YouTube videos to attract more people in the search engines to make more money, but I ignore those.

. I said I’m not going to do those things because I’m focused on the long-term sustainable strategies.. I don’t want to cheat the system for the next six months and make some money and then have that go away.

That money that I was depending upon or risk my accounts in some way or my reputation., I’m not willing to do that.. So don’t look for the short-term shortcuts and the loopholes and the gimmicks. Focus on the long-term solutions to strategies.

. That’S a really important one., I’m not going to go too much deeper into it.. I’Ve shared some other videos on that before. But again it comes down to focusing on the long-term.. Next is people learn from the wrong people? I see this time and time again as well.

A lot of people that I work with. They invest in my training and I’m trying to help them create success.. They’Re learning from someone that’s done it that’s created a lot of success.. I’Ve built many different businesses.

Success in different businesses. I’Ve made millions of dollars now online.. Then they start learning from other people that I mean have made a couple hundred bucks. A couple thousand bucks. They start listening to them.

, I’m like “ Dude. What are you doing? ?” You’re trying to learn from someone? That’S making a little bit of money and you’re going away trying to do all these different things? That’S not from the right person that you should be learning from.

. I I think a lot of people again. It comes down to a lot of things. I’Ve already shared. People looking for short term results, not having patience and what not.. So they start to get frustrated and they start to look for other answers.

. They start to look for other people that can short cut them the process and get them there a lot faster. They end up going down this totally wrong path.. I can’t ell you how many people that I’ve worked with that hire me for coaching or other people that I’ve worked with as well.

They’ve gone to my training they’re doing it, but then they start doing all these other things., I’m like “ Dude. What are you doing here? Where did you learn this stuff from ?” They’re like “? Oh, I learned from this guy.

Here who’s making $ 500 a month, and I want to try and learn from this guy.” I’m like “ Dude. I made I built a six figure: publishing business and I’ve millions of dollars online from my businesses and you’re learning from this guy who’s, making $ 500 or $ 1,000 a month, You’re doing something.

That’S totally different, ?” Again that comes down to not trusting the process.. Learn from the right people. Learn from people that have created the success that have the results and the business and that have the reputation they have the success stories of people that they’ve worked.

With. Learn from those people not from the people out there on the Internet.. The keyboard jockeys that know all the theory but they’ve never actually built a business before.. You want to avoid those people.

Another reason: is they don’t listen to advice from successful people.? This is where people have an ego, they’re close-minded they’re too proud. They think they know it. All. I’ve encountered people like this.

They’re, the keyboard, jockey, guys that know all the theory and they’ve done all the research, but they’re not doing it.. They have a closed mind and they think they know it all and that their way is the right way.

. That is another important reason that people fail. I’ve worked with people, coached them and I’m trying to help them, but they’re, arguing with everything I might tell them.. You can’t help someone like that.

If they don’t have an open mind, if they don’t trust you, if they don’t trust the process., So if you’re going to learn from someone, that’s more successful, listen to them, listen to what they say., They have.

The experience they’ve been doing it for years.. They’Ve created the results not just with themselves, but countless other people.. I see this time and time again when people, even when they invest in my training.

, They start …. I have certain things that I say.. Okay do this. Do this? Do this do that.? I guide them step by step, how to do things and how to grow their business.. I’M blown away by how many people that don’t even listen to it.

. I recommend okay you’re going to need this to grow your business and then they go out there and they get this. Or they just end up doing totally different things, the opposite things of what I’m trying to teach them.

. You can’t have success if you don’t trust the process and the training and actually listen to your coach or the mentor or the role model that you’ve invested in.. If you’re going to invest in something, if you’re going to learn from people that are successful, listen to them.

Do what they say.. There’S a lot of things that I share with you guys on my YouTube channel and my blog and things that I can help you.. If you guys just did what I share with you, guys you’ll be able, have success.

You’ll be able to create it, but most people aren’t willing to do it.. I remember one thing for me: I struggled with for a period of my life.. I remember learning from successful people. You’Ve got to giveaway away a certain percentage of your income to charities and organizations.

You’ve got to give back. For me. I was like “, I’m not going to do that.” Because I didn’t have the money. I was in a scarcity. Mentality. They said: that’s why you have to give because the scarcity, the fear that you have right now in your life, is preventing you of attracting and making more money.

. So I looked at myself, I decided you know what they’re right …. If I’m listening to these mentors, these role models, I’m learning from and I’m not doing what they say, which is to give away 10 % or a certain percentage of my income to charities.

. Then I’m not even listening to what they’re saying what they’re trying to teach me. They have the success.. They have the proven track record.. I can’t think that I know it all and let all these things my ego get in the way, because I just got to trust this person who I’m trying to learn from.

. They have the best intentions for me.. If I listened to them I’ll create the success.. I started doing it.. I started giving away 10 % of what I make supporting charities organizations giving to homeless, giving to my church.

Sure enough. What I found is that it got me out of that scarcity that fear, based mentality opened me up to new opportunities and making more money. It really changed my life., So that’s just an example, but you’ve got to be willing to listen to what people, especially that, are more successful than you.

What they’re trying to teach you. Just do what they teach it’s really as simple as that.. Another reason that I have here my battery or my memory card is going to die in about four minutes., So I’m going to have to clear it.

, Maybe I’m going to have to do a part two or pause the video in a sec here., The next one That I have here is people don’t focus on one thing: they easily get distracted by what I call the shiny objects, syndrome.

. So there’s so many opportunities out there to build a business to make money. Online. Often people get distracted, they’re doing one thing, they’re, building their business and there’s this other opportunity and they totally get sidetracked.

. They jump from one business to the other.. Again this comes down to people not seeing results. Fast enough. They’re focused on the short-term. They’re, not having patience and focus on the long-term, but you have to focus.

. I tell people when you sign up for my course my training unsubscribe from everybody else, because that’s only going to distract you.. It’S only going to do you a disservice., You don’t need to be on 100 people email lists, because they’re going to market promote the different opportunities.

. There are always going to be things that come up.. You’Ve got to focus on what you’re doing and say no to everything. Else. You’ve got to learn to say no and focus. Say I’m doing this.. I get opportunities all the time.

Every day. They’re sharing this business opportunity.. They want to partner with me. They want to do this or that.. I’Ve got to ignore all that, because I’ve got my goals.. This is what I’ve committed to.

. It’S there on my blog.. It’S there on my YouTube, channel.! That’S what I’m committed to this year.! Anything! That’S! Not in alignment with that! I’M saying no to., Maybe next year, when I set my goals again next year, but for now this is what my focus is on and I’m not going to be distracted by any other shiny objects out there.

So don’t fall into that trap.. Another reason why a lot of people fail is they can’t deal with failure and adversity. Now listen. Show me a person out there. That’S massively successful that hasn’t, failed.

Doesn’t exist. Everybody. That’S successful today has gone through failure. They’ve gone through challenges, adversities set, backs. Part of the process. You’Ve got to realize that. A lot of people. It might their first time starting a business.

. You’Ve never encountered failure, because when you have a job, there’s no failure. When you have a job., You have that security., You just show up eight hours, a day. You get paid for your time., Doesn’t matter what you’re doing.

You’re not getting paid on the results, you’re getting paid for your time and the hours that you’re putting in.. So when you have a business you don’t get paid for your time.. You get paid based on results that you produce.

. The only way that you learn is through failure.. It’S by making mistakes having set backs going through adversity.. A lot of people don’t have what it takes because they’re so sensitive, they take failure personally.

, They can’t deal with it when it comes up.. They create a negative meaning and association to failure and they end up giving up as a result of that. and they end up giving up as a result of that.. Listen.

You have to have a core belief and understand that failure is expected.. It’S part of the process, but failure’s a good thing. Failure is feedback.. Failure is an opportunity for you to learn and to grow and help improve your business.

. I failed thousands of times.. I can’t even tell you how many times I failed in my business, but I don’t view them as failures.. That’S the difference between someone who’s successful and someone who fails.

The failure lets lets the failures in their life, define them.. They get discouraged they give up because of those failures.. The successful person still fails just as much as the failure does. The difference is, he doesn’t view them as failures.

. He just views them as opportunities to learn and he actually sees them as a good thing. So don’t be afraid to fail.. I see a lot of people who are afraid to try different things. To invest money on this, and maybe it doesn’t work.

. I’Ve invested money on different marketing things and all that.. It doesn’t work. I lose a couple thousand bucks whatever.. That’S okay! That’S how I learn. I invest in training. Sometimes I don’t get as much value from as I expected.

That’s okay.. I invested in an Instagram training, the other day.. It was like a $ 60 program. I didn’t learn anything from it.. I was all right. That’S fine., It helped me reinforce what I already knew so there’s still some value in that, because it helped me internalize what I already knew at a deeper level.

. So I still find the good in everything.. I don’t believe in failure. Whatsoever., I think every experience has value in it.. You’Ve got to find where that value is.. So what I’m going to do. I’m going to pause this and continue this, because my memory card’s going to die here.

We’ll resume this in a few second. All right, I’m back. Reason number 12. Why most people fail? Is that they care too much about what other people think of them and they have a fear of rejection. Now listen in order for you to create success in your life and your business.

, There’s always going to be people that disagree with you.. There’S always going to be people that make fun of you that are going to doubt you that are going to be negative and try to hold you back from creating success.

. If you think that, once you become successful that that’s going to go, away. You’re deluding yourself, because the more successful that you become, the more people will dislike. You., There’s a lot of people that will like you and love you, but also what comes with.

That is a lot of people that dislike you., The haters, the people that are going to be negative. They’re, going to try to pull you down because they feel insignificant. One of the …. If you want to have the tallest building in the city, you can build your own, which takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice, and faith and belief, a lot of the things that I’m sharing with you.

Or you could tear down every other building. And then you can have the tallest building in the city.. Most people focus on tearing down everyone, else. So understand. If you’re starting a business you’re going to have people in your life that aren’t going to believe in you.

. Maybe it’s your family. Maybe it’s your friends. People are going to make fun of you.. I had plenty of that when I started back in 2012, even back with Project Life Mastery., I shared my YouTube videos and I was enthusiastic and passionate about my goals and all that stuff.

. A lot of people made fun of me., They didn’t believe in me.. They thought what I was doing was stupid or silly.. They just thought it was ridiculous for me to put myself up there on YouTube and do what I was doing.

. They didn’t believe I could make any money from a blog.. They didn’t believe that YouTube was a viable career or this Internet thing right, A lot of people in your family. They might think you’ve got to go to school.

You got to get an education, you got to get a nine to five and all that sort of stuff.. If you buy into that you’re going to have to settle for a similar life as them., You have to ask yourself: do they have the life that I want.

? That’S where it comes down to the belief in yourself again and having that faith.? You have to believe in yourself and the process. You can’t let other people what they think their opinion hold you back or stop.

You., Like I said, there’s going to be plenty of that along the way. When you become more successful, you’re going to have to deal with a lot more of it. Trust, me., A lot of people out there that don’t know me, but there’s always some negative opinions About me or assumptions or accusations or whatever it is of people who really don’t know who I am or what I’m about.

That’s totally fine.. I don’t focus on that. You can’t focus on and care about what other people think and let them define you.. You have to have confidence and decide for yourself.. I decide I dictate who I am nobody else.

. I know who I am.. I can look in the mirror and I feel proud of myself. The shadow that follows me. I’M happy with that shadow because it’s never going to escape me for the rest of my life. As long as you know, in your heart of hearts that you’re doing the right thing that you’re building something.

, You have your vision, you believe in it that you’re not Willing to give up – and you don’t care what people think. You’ll be successful. Again that takes courage, I’m not going to lie.. It’S not easy.

. If you can have that courage, you’ll be able to again create the life that very few people get a chance to create.. Then, when you have success, there will be people that hate you. While a lot of people will love you.

, A lot of people are going to say: “, Hey. I want to learn from you and find out what you’re doing.”. That’S what happened to me because, when I started having a lot of success with the Kindle publishing.

, All of a sudden, my family, my friends, my cousins, all of them wanted to know what I was doing.. I started teaching my sister, I taught my brother. I taught my cousins, I taught friends of mine as well.

. They went on to have success also., It’s kind of funny how that is. At first, they doubt you, but eventually, when you have the proof, it really changes how people perceive you, which is a pretty interesting thing.

. You can’t have that fear of what other people think. You’ve got to believe in yourself and the process.. Another reason why a lot of people fail is they have limiting beliefs or negative mindset and attitude.

Very important.. This kind of goes back to what I already shared. Low self-esteem negative attitude. I see people like this. They’re, just negative about everything.. If you’re always looking for what’s wrong, you’re going to find it.

You’re going to find what you look for., You look for. What’S good you’re going to find the good. In every situation, there’s good and there’s bad, it’s all how you interpret it and the meaning that you create.

. This goes without being said. You just can’t have a negative attitude about things.. You have to be positive, positive in your process and your business in the journey. You’re, going to work on yourself and work on that attitude and mindset.

Again part of that comes down to the morning. Ritual. I’ve encountered customers and people that just have a horrible attitude and often times those are people that I don’t want to work with.. I don’t really want to help those people.

I’ll say to them. “! Listen! You got to work on your attitude. You’Ve got to work on your mindset.. You’Ve got to be more positive.. Here are some free videos that I have here on YouTube. My blog. Go through those.

Right now: you’re, not ready., You’re, not ready to build a business. You’re, not ready for my course. My training.” I’ll actually refund them and kick them out of my program because I don’t want negative people.

. I don’t want to deal with those customers.. I’Ve got a Facebook group communities that I manage.. I don’t want negative people in that.. I have no tolerance for that. Whatsoever. I found for myself. If people have that attitude, they need to work on their attitude.

First, their mindset before they’re ready to build a business.. If that’s you, your attitude, your mindset is negative. Then I recommend you read some books. That you start to feed your mind with some more positivity.

Work on that part of yourself, because you’re going to need it to be successful. Another reason why a lot of people fail going back to that limiting beliefs was part of that.. You’Ve got to identify the beliefs that are stopping you.

A lot of the beliefs that you have are self-sabotaging your success.. If you have a belief that you want to be successful, but you have another belief that says that you don’t want to put in any work or you want short-term results.

, That’s what’s called an inner conflict.. One belief is positive and one’s negative. They counteract each other and they’re gonna pull you in two different directions., So you’ve got to really identify your limited beliefs and address them.

Again morning. Rituals are one of the best ways to do that. Number. 14. I think I’m at right, now.. This is a big one as well. A lot of people fail because they’re not committed to learning a constant, never-ending improvement.

. If you want to be successful, you have to learn., You have to keep working on yourself., The more that you learn, the more that you earn.. So you have to continue learning. You can’t just learn and do something one time and expect to have all this success.

Afterwards. A lot of people even invest and start their business. They invest in training, but they don’t keep investing in training.. That’S part of the process because, whatever training, you learn understand that it’s only going to get you to a certain point.

. As Einstein said, the level of thinking – that’s gotten you to where you are right now is not the same level of thinking. That’S going to get you to where you want to go.. It requires a different level of thinking.

. You always have to be looking at how you can improve things and become better., How you can improve yourself, how you can learn more about your business or industry., Learn the latest of what’s working, how you can improve your products and always making those better and better.

? That’S one core thing: that’s really helped me get to where I am., I’m always looking to improve myself., I’m improving my products, everything that I put out and sell, I’m always making it better and improving it.

it., I’m always improving my YouTube videos, my blog, my channel.. Everything that I do, I’m improving it., I’m improving myself., I’m investing in training., I’m investing in coaches., I’m investing on all these things.

. I don’t have to be because I’ve already created a lot of success, but I still am because I realize what’s gotten me to where I am – is learning and growing and improving myself.. I need to keep doing that to get to where I want to go.

. I just signed up the other day. One of my goals for this year is to go to Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery. $ 10,000 seminar. Invest $ 10,000 for a seminar. People are like “. Why would you do that.? That’S a lot of money.

. Why would you spend that money on a seminar ?”, Because what I’m going to learn from that seminar is going to help me make millions of more dollars over the next few years and the rest of my life.. I can’t afford to not learn the latest and to learn things that can help me grow and improve my business.

, I’m going to be missing out on money …. If I invest in the training, there’s a lot of money I’ll be missing out on. If I don’t gain the skills and the knowledge that I need to gain right now, early on in my business career.

, So I’m not afraid to invest in myself. Back when I didn’t have money. I remember I invested to go to Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny seminar, which is a $ 5,000 seminar.. I remember I invested in coaches when I didn’t have any money.

Thousands of dollars on coaches.. That’S what helped me get to where I am today., So I’m going to keep doing it and I’m going to keep learning and evolving and improving myself., I’m investing in training all the time.

, I’m going to tons of different seminars and doing different things like that.. You always need to be learning evolving and improving yourself.. Another reason why a lot of people fail is they fail to anticipate changes and adapt.

? The Internet is always changing.. The world is always changing.. It’S changing at a much faster pace, then ever before.. If you don’t anticipate the changes, you’re going to be left, behind. You’re, going to end up failing.

, There’s going to be things that are going to happen and if you don’t prepare for them now and get ready for them, then you’re going to pay the consequences.. So you have to be able to anticipate, see the road ahead.

. I was able to anticipate changes with Amazon.. That’S why I started teaching changing my strategies and my model, because I knew things were coming that were going to change.. I wanted to change early so that I could get an advantage over everyone else and it wouldn’t effect me as much.

. A lot of people react when changes. Happen., They’re, not anticipating., You’ve got to anticipate and see the road ahead.. You always have to be willing to adapt.. I’Ve always been adapting as changes happen.

Facebook changes, I’m changing my Facebook strategy to adapt., There’s a new technology coming out and there’s Snapchat.. Okay, I need to adapt. I need to get on Snapchat. Amazon just released video on demand or Amazon, video direct or whatever.

. Okay, I’m going to test it out. I’m going to adapt because who knows what’s going to change with YouTube.? Who knows what’s changing with Google., You always have to stay. One step ahead and anticipate and adapt.

Be flexible. Very important. Number 16. They lack creativity or basic intelligence.. This is a really important one., A lot of people. They just look to copy someone else..

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