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Are you spending too much money on  ads? And are you trying to put in   so much effort to convince people,  to buy your courses and programs?   Well, having affiliates who do the  promotion for you and who also lend   you their trust and their recommendation can  really solve all of those problems for you.

I am Nathalie Lussier founder of AccessAlly.  And on this channel, you’re going to learn how   to scale your business using technology  and other online marketing strategies.   When I first started my online business and  I was selling online courses, I was doing   everything myself.

I was marketing, selling, and  delivering my online courses. And let me tell you,   as soon as I stopped working, the sales stopped  coming into. Eventually I decided to create an   affiliate program to incentivize people, to help  promote my courses and my products and the results   were pretty spectacular.

I started  getting new customers on a regular basis   instead of having to launch all the time,  I would wake up to sales in my inbox.   And the best part is that these new customers  were a lot like my best customers, because   they already trusted me.

They were motivated.  And because they came from a recommendation,   they were ready to get started and take  action on what my courses were all about.   And that made a huge difference in the results  they were getting the testimonials I got and just   the quality of the customers in my business.

And  even to this day, my business still benefits so   much from having an affiliate program. And I’ve  learned so much along the years of what makes   an affiliate program successful and how to have  it set up so that your affiliates really promote   and really get a benefit so that it’s win-win  with you and your affiliates too.

So here’s what   you need to know about how to set up an affiliate  program successfully from the get-go. So, number   one is you have to design your affiliate program  commission structure so that it’s sustainable for   you and your business.

So you need to take a look  at what your profit margins are like right now,   how much you’re spending on advertising and  also delivering your courses and products,   what your fixed costs are.

We’ll tell you a lot  about how much you can offer to affiliates. Now,   the most important thing to keep in mind is that  you don’t pay affiliates unless they make the sale   for you. So unlike advertising or other things  that you’re doing for marketing, you don’t pay   unless you have income coming in.

So that can  also make it a little bit easier to give people   a good percentage when they’re recommending you.  So I’ve seen affiliates offer anything from 5%,   10, 15, 30%, all the way up to 50.

And that  tends to be pretty common when it comes to   online courses and memberships where there’s  not as much of a delivery to it, but hold up,   I’ve even seen affiliates give 100% commission  on the first sale.

So maybe you have a lower   price point and you just want to get as many  buyers as possible. And you really want people   who are committed and who are going to hit that  buy button and not just subscribers.

You could   give people a hundred percent commission on  that first sale. And that way you’re going to   get a lot of people promoting you, because they’re  essentially able to make money without having to   create their own products and services.

So that’s  an incredible offer. And then on the backend,   you can take whatever a hundred percent you want  from your other products and services, or maybe   give a lower percentage on those as well.

Now this  is great. If you have products to upsell or cross   sell, but if you don’t make sure to watch my video  all about cross-selling upselling and downselling   and how to design these products and services for  your business, and make sure to give this video a   like if you’re getting value and subscribe  below, because we’ve got more great videos   every single week.

Now, the other thing to keep  in mind when it comes to commission structures is   whether you will be giving a recurring commission  on a recurring product. So you could decide how   long you want us to give a commission.

For, for  example, maybe you give 50% on a recurring basis   for the first year, or maybe you do it for the  lifetime of the customer. It’s totally up to you   and take a look at your numbers to see what you  can afford for two is all about deciding what your   affiliate tiers will look like.

So you could have  multiple affiliate tiers where top affiliates earn   a little higher percentage and newer affiliates  maybe have to work their way up. Now, keep in mind   when you’re doing an affiliate program, 20% of  your affiliates will bring in 80% of your sales,   a hundred percent of the time.

So this is the 80  20 rule, and we’ve seen it in our business. We   have our top affiliates, they’re earning thousands  of dollars per month. And then we have people who   have never made a sale.

And you will have people  who sign up to your affiliate program and who   get excited about it. And then they get busy with  something else and maybe they move on or they just   don’t have a chance to promote.

So don’t worry.  I have some strategies later on the video to help   people really promote you, but really what it  comes down to is having incredible relationships   with your affiliates. The more personal you  can be with your affiliates, the more of a true   relationship with give and take the better because  people don’t want to just be another number,   another affiliate on your affiliate list.

They  want to be someone who is part of your business   and someone who is also going to be rewarded when  they’re sending people your way. Number three,   create a terms and conditions, agreement for your  affiliates.

So you’ll either want to work with a   lawyer or find a template for affiliate agreements  and tweak it for your particular business   and your needs. But in this document, what you  want to do is lay out all the terms and how your   affiliate program works.

So it’s super clear your  affiliates, check this off before they sign up so   that, you know, they know exactly what they’re  getting into when it comes to your affiliate   program. So you want to cover cases like, can  your affiliates earn a commission when they   purchase your product themselves? And do they need  to wait if there’s a refund period before they get   paid? So let’s say you have a 30 day, 60 day or 90  day refund policy for your courses and products.

Will they be paid after that refund period?  And how long is that? So that they know   when they’re doing a promotion, when they’ll  get paid, just go ahead and explain everything   in detail so that no one is confused and no one’s  going to come back with questions.

Number four,   you want to set up an affiliate signup process as  well as your affiliate center. So this is where   people will sign up to become an affiliate.  You get all the details you need from them,   like an email address to pay them with all the  other things you need to be compliant with tax   things and all the other things that go into  running a program in the affiliate center, that’s   where people will get their affiliate links, any  promotional materials you have for them as well   as their stats.

So how they’re doing are they  sending a lot of people are people clicking on   their links and how many sales they’re making.  I look at how AccessAlly allows you to create   these gorgeous affiliate dashboards.

So, first  of all, you decide on your commission percentage   and how long you want to track. So you could  give people a 90 day duration for their link   or unlimited, like what we’re doing here.

You can  also create as many affiliate links as you want,   and these will show up for your people. So you can  go ahead and add affiliate links. They don’t even   have to point to your own website.

You could have  them promote other social media sites of your own,   but of course, it’s great to send people  back to your site so they can actually opt   in and purchase. And as the site owner, you can  come in and see how your affiliates are doing,   how many clicks they’re sending and manage their  affiliate account as well.

When it comes time to   do payouts, you can generate a report and import  it directly into PayPal to do a mass payment,   saving you a lot of time and effort in paying your  affiliates each month to have people register,   you can create a simple affiliate opt-in form,  start off by asking for their payment email,   and also how they want to be communicated with and  create as many sub-pages in your affiliate center.

Super Affiliate System. Découvrir le programme ici S’INSCRIRE A UN COURS EN LIGNE. SUBSCRIBE TO A TRAINING HERE

As you want, you could do a page with social media  graphics, maybe swipe emails, or swipe social   media, copy. It is up to you. How you want to  empower your affiliates to promote. Number five,   stay in touch with your affiliates.

Once  they sign up, that’s just the beginning of   your relationship with them. You want to send  them emails and reach out to them personally,   and really make sure that they are doing their  best so that you both win together.

If you’re   doing any launches, you’ll want to share your  launch calendar. You’ll want to share when things   are dropping and what they’ll be able to promote  so that they can start to plan ahead.

Being an   affiliate is a lot of work, and yes, it can be  super rewarding when you’re on the affiliate side,   because you’re not doing all the work of creating  content and actually selling, but you still have   to do promotion on your abs.

So give them as much  as you can, in terms of promotional, headway,   and time. And any materials you can create for  them will be better, make yourself available so   that you can be interviewed on their podcasts or  do webinars with your affiliates, so that you have   a chance to showcase your courses and your content  yourself, while still leveraging the audience and   the business of your affiliates.

You can also have  affiliate contests and leaderboards where people   can compete with each other, and you can give  prizes for the affiliates that bring in the most   leads or the most sales. So there’s so much you  can do once you’ve set up your affiliate program.

And I cannot wait to hear what it is that you  create with your affiliates Intel. So to recap,   you want to choose your commission structure.  You’ll want to decide if you have different   affiliate tiers that people can graduate to.

You’ll want to create a streamlined signup process   as well as an affiliate center. And you can  incentivize and keep in touch with your affiliates   with contests and other things throughout the  year, AccessAlly has built an affiliate management   capabilities, which means you can create your  affiliate signup process, your affiliate center,   and have people log into just one place.

So if  you don’t know, having your existing customers   and students become affiliates is one of the  best ways to grow because they already know and   love you. They’ve taken your courses, they know  your content and your brand and your style.

And   they’re probably friends with the exact same kinds  of people as they are. So they have a network of   people who would probably be interested in your  content too. So that’s a huge way to get started   your affiliate program and with access allied  people can be loved into their courses and in one   click become an affiliate and start sharing your  content.

Now, if you’re not sure if you should be   creating online courses or memberships, or if you  have both, and you’re not sure which one to have   your affiliates promote, make sure to watch my  video all about online courses versus memberships   to see what’s best for you and your business and  how things can kind of cross sell and promote.

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