That’S come out today. It’S called Sqribble, it’s gonna. Allow you to creep ebooks in in less than an hour, so I’m basically going to show you the sales page and I’m going to walk you through kind of a live demo and then we’re gonna talk about bonuses.

Not so there study, but basically, if you’re a marketer, you need something like this. I mean you can create your reports and your white papers. You can record you can create. You know, leave Magnus to give to your to your to your leads and things like that.

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With a product like scribble, so I’m gonna hop right in so this is the sales page, first of all, the guys who put this together a ally and a deal child. During this, this sales page and the whole launch – I mean they’ve, been preparing for this.

For months, this is probably one of the best launches I’ve ever seen, just really stellar. So I just kind of want to walk you through everything. So this is a sales page instantly create one bestseller.

You can put number one best-selling books in reports and minutes. Without writing a single word. I don’t know about being a best-seller, because that depends on how your your content is. But it’s super super stupidly easy to write ebooks using this software, so obviously books on demand, template style, layouts, unlimited pages, easy to use.

You can do auto content writer commercial license. That’S actually important, because one of the upsells that I’m going to get to is going to connect you to a site to a place on there inside of their their website, where you can find places to freelance to create your ebooks.

So if you have the Asian agency license, which comes with it, you’re kind of in the clear to not get in trouble with those guys for using their software to basically make money so anyway, number four also number one ebook creator I mean this stuff is really Really selective they gave me my own account, so I’ve been kind of messing around with it, so I’m going to jump in and do basically a live demo, but go through the sales page in your own time.

It’S quite long, but it’s really really really impressive and like these are kind of like once I go inside, you’ll, see all the templates and stuff that you have, but the templates are really slick. If you’re, not artistic me, that kind of stuff comes in handy because I’m not good with putting together colors and just I’m really crap at that.

So anyway have a look at the sales page in your own time and then let’s hop right into the dashboard. So I want so I can give you kind of a live. Insider’S look so so this is my. This is my account. They gave me one.

They were nice enough. This is a deal really really lovely guy. I got to meet him in Dublin at a marketing conference and he’s going to kind of this. This first screen he’s gonna kind of walk you through what scribble is and all this other stuff.

So there’s there’s all these different sections here. So, let’s just kind of go down the line projects. This is where you’re going to be able to create your projects, and this is also where some of the sorry this is where your templates, your projects, will lie.

I will create a project kind of on the fly I want it. I wanted to do that to show you guys how fast it is, and basically that you don’t have to be super tech savvy to be able to pull it off. So, in order to create a project, you can start with one of their many templates, so I’m gonna wait for that to load it’s pretty it’s pretty.

I mean, I think, for a software, this powerful it’s going to be a little bit slow like that, not slow, but you saw it took a took a you know a few seconds for its load because it’s got a lot of stuff in here.

So I’m going to just kind of scroll through the obviously very color cognitive, colorful, high def kind of things and if you’re better with an art, you know better than me with our chief arts, you kind of stuff.

You can’t really make these your own. So but there’s a lot there’s a with the regular with the regular version. That’S $ 47 is 210 regular version. That’S $ 47 is 210 templates. So that’s plenty to work work from as far as I’m concerned, there is a prime service and I’ll get into all the prices later, but I just kind of want to go through this whole through the whole, that’s a called tool bar or whatever it’s called menu Menu bar and and prime is actually going to be things that are outside of internet marketing.

A lot of these templates and stuff like that, but it’s pretty cool like living in Golden Ears, children’s development, it’s just other templates outside of the ones that you would think. The three-d covers is really cool.

That’S basically gonna lie to create 3d 2d covers once you’ve already created a project so we’ll get to that later. Flip books, like this is one of my favorite things. It actually will assume you a book that kind of you can turn it like the pages of a book.

So it’s kind of cool if you’re reading on a computer or something like that to be able to flip pages kind of it kind of simulates the the sensation of reading flipping books. Anyhow, I can’t think today.

So, let’s just let’s just create a new project. I basically just want to I miss their office a little bit before, but I purposely didn’t like dive all the way into this, because I kind of want to show you on the spot how this works.

So if I crash and burn then I’ll crash and burn, but I want to just kind of start from the top so create a new project loading getting article list alright. So now I have the templates that I wanted to choose from that.

I can choose from I’m gonna, be I’m gonna be just kind of simple. Let’S see I’ll, let you guys see kind of some of the templates that they have in here fitness I mean, as you can see, there’s there’s other niches other than internet marking, which is really important, because internet marketers are obviously they’re, not the only people that need An e-book you have people who are in fitness, I mean you can sell Clickbank products, you imagine that the possibilities that they see would be being able to create a very simple ebook.


You can outsource this on Fiverr, get someone to write your content for you and create you know your your body workout book or whatever Jack lottery Bitcoin. So I’m just going to go back to the top and go learn SEO because I’m a SEO and stuff you have the options and then the view and then use so I’m gonna go use.

So let’s see my awesome book that I’m really not being creative right now, but you know that’s fine. I move myself for a second. I don’t know why. I need to do that. So this is the next screen, like you have four different ways to be able to create your content.

Number one is grab from a URL. Now with this, you need to be careful. It is going to kind of spin it a little bit for you, but you’re still going to be grabbing someone else’s content. So the best way to make this work is to use your own content.

So I’m gonna go in and grab my review actually of this product and transform it into there, but just be careful with grabbing URL. It’S very useful, but just made sure that you’re personalizing it making it your own start from scratch is what they most recommend is probably going to keep you it’s going to take a little bit longer, but it’s going to be safe as far as copyright and everything Copy and paste manual content content manually.

You can go ahead and do that or you can upload a word or text file and I think there’s one other. What well, I think, if you’re getting cut off here, nope, that’s not okay, so I’m gonna go grab from URL and I’m going to take my review of actually of this product grab the URL cuz.

This is my blog and I can do what I want and I’m gonna hit finish. It’S gonna take a couple minutes, let’s take a minute or so so I’m gonna, let you I’m gonna, not gonna edit. This. I want you to see kind of how long this takes, because it’s not very, it’s not super slow.

What, like I thought it was gonna be. I was presently surprised. I thought this is gonna take forever, especially like my content. I think it’s like something like 1500 words, so it could potentially take a long time for this to do so.

I think yeah, it’s getting the content ready, so basically a tip a tip for you. If you are going to be transforming your blog post into ebooks, you want to use a table of contents now, not only do I always use the table of contents because it helps with SEO and I’ll so you know and your rankings it also because I already Have a table of contents in this in this blog article, then what it’ll do because I did you know test it really, quick just to make sure I didn’t look crazy, but I’m doing the rest of this on the fly it’s going to create the table of Contents for me, so it kind of behooves you to create the your to add the table of contents plug-in while that’s loading, I’m just gonna actually creating pages we’re waiting for content.

Like I said, I don’t want to edit this because I want you to see around how long this takes. I’M not super sure. Actually, let me stop right. There saving my content because I should probably add some like.

Maybe I look a little music or something like that: [ Music, ] [, Music ]. Well, while that’s doing that I’ll show you how to of a table of contents, plug-in that I use for WordPress while that’s doing that WordPress.

You want to use this because not only it’s really good for SEO, especially if you have long form to break it up, make it easier to read it, make it easier for people to jump to your content, but also so.

This is the one that this is the one that I use table of contents plus anyway. Hopefully this is done by now sweet okay. So it’s taken my table of contents. As you can see, and i’ll show you luck, the actual blog post.

So it’s taken my table of contents and it’s basically broken down each of my headings. You know for SEO the heading 1 heading 2 heading 3. It’S broken those down into basically chapters so and actually check this out.

It’S kinda! I don’t know if you guys are familiar with clickfunnels, it’s kind of similar to click follow and that you can kind of if you highlight, if you highlight like to the all the way to the left, it’s going to show this.

It’S going to show you. I know you can’t see where I’m pointing it’s gonna highlight the whole column, and then you have the option to highlight, like smaller portions, it’s going to tell you the paragraph of the column row, so it’s very clickfunnels e.

In that sense, I think that’s really cool, especially if you’re familiar with clickfunnels, you kind of have a leg up, because you know already know how to kind of manipulate this stuff so anyway. So what it’s done check this out? What it’s done is is taken my whole blog post and all of my team all of my headings and created a bullet list.

Create your business reports and professional ebook now. Rédigez des rapports et livres blancs professionnels maintenant. Join us. Rejoignez-nous

It spelled bullet wrong but anyway, so, as you can see, I can have the option to manipulate my bullet list. Let’S see what this does very very quick fuzzy, so I have the option to change the element name, this element ID margin-top font, so sorry font, size colors.

I can’t picture you can add icon to it yeah. This is very, very quick file, see which is cool because I mean I know clickfunnels pretty well and that’s pretty pretty fun. So, as you can see, it’s broken down all of my subheadings into little chapters.

So now it’s breaking its Brooke, its recognized where all of my paragraphs are and allow it’s going to. Allow me to do formatting and things like that. So now that I’ve clicked the little little gear here.

As you can see, all this stuff comes up. Margin-Top, the edges and borders, and all this other stuff looks like I’m not gonna go through and do all this other stuff right now because, but I just basically want to show you relatively how how simple it is.

It’S not it’s not super complicated at all, and I think it looks pretty it’s kind of held on to my blog formatting. It even kind of kept some of the the images and gifs that I use. Let’S see like you know, these are images from my blog posted, create grabbed everything that grabs the images they grab the gifs.

It grabbed my headings. It grabbed my my my layout and everything. So I think that’s super cool all right. Well, let’s see, let’s see what else it is elements again, you’ll be familiar with this. If you’ve seen clickfunnels elements is really cool because you’ll be able to kind of isolate like if you scroll down as I’m doing it’s gonna fast forward you to each cell each different section, which again, I think it’s very, very cool and let’s go.

I need to stop saying cool sorry, my mom’s texting me okay and I need to stop saying um. It’S really my brain is not working. So, let’s just try with assume. Let’S see what this colorize row is all about.

Hmm, so you have the option to randomize. It I don’t know what that does: ooh randomize it check this out, it’s kind of changing the color. Well, that’s actually really really cool. So let’s say I want to have, and also these are cool like these are, if you’re on Adobe or whatever, there’s different color concepts that work so they’ve done all the work.

As far as for dummies like me, who cannot color coordinate for anything, which is why I’m wearing black elby’s different color schemes, so let’s say I want my. I want my book to be kind of. Let’S try this chaotic, so that’s all! That’S my overall color scheme and I have the ability needs to hit the randomizer like yeah.

That’S super slick, that’s really really cool again, stop seizing more cool. It’S really really neat. I don’t know I’m old. I don’t use all the young people slang anyway, but I don’t want to do too much time on this.

I just kind of want to show you a live-action kind of demo of what this can do again. I’M really really impressed with all the work. These guys have done, and I’m really impressed with this product – and I know like because they gave me my own account that I will be using it and actually you know working at you know working on creating my own stuff.

So, basically, once you have all that stuff done, I think new article would allow me to add ads. Add something else into this book since we’re already in one book. I’M not gonna do that right. Now, though, and then once I’m, you can hit save exit generate ebook, publish, I’m not gonna do any of that right now.

Actually, let’s, let’s see, let’s see what happens when I hit publish oh okay, it’s gonna give me the. If I have a client, I don’t have any clients, you can add your clients here, you can actually choose which pages to publish.

So let’s say I only want to publish air them the first 15 pages. Then I can get the content 15 and hit publish you. Can generate ebook and then I’m not gonna save any of this other stuff, but basically you kind of get the hope.

You guys get the overall point if this is really really really really fantastic actually, and I never thought about creating a new book, but just even for like lead magnets for customers that kind of stuff you can it create easily with this and like you, don’t have To you won’t have to go to farver to outsource this like, like, we probably all do now.

So again, we bought the templates. Let’S see if the three cover is there. Now that I have created something again, it’s not gonna look good because that no it’s not in there anyway can create 3d colors.

You can create flip books. Let’S talk about the auto job finder. I just want you guys to see this again. This is the upsell and I’m gonna get to the prices actually I’ll get to the prices in a minute, but I just show you out of auto job.

Finder is an upsell, but basically what it allows you to do. Is it’s going to go in there and actually, my my access is a I’m. Just gonna show you that from my blog post, what’s it what that looks like so this is what the auto job finder looks like.

So it’s gonna allow you to then search for ebook design and it’s going to be searching freelancer the reliance people per hour, always other side ones that are checked in all these sites here and I think that’s actually very, very cool because you know once you Once you kind of get used to creating your ebooks, then you’ll be able to come, be able to outsource yourself your services to create these ebooks, and so I’m not gonna go into that, and then clients is you know where you add your clients? If you have any clients, obviously I don’t have any clients yet, but just to kind of show you what that looks like see what that loads.

So you in that, so you have. It almost has this kind of little, not a CRM, but if you have a way to kind of hold all your clients in the same place and obviously there’s really good training on how to go through all of this.

But like I mean I didn’t go through any of the training I just kind of started messing around with it, which is kind of shows you how easily how easy you can do that anyhow, alright! So let’s talk about prices and I want to talk about prices, but I want to talk about blowing.

This is first okay. Before we get to the prices. Obviously the launch is very competitive, and so I want you guys to get the best out of this product at me as we all do so. I have some pretty cool bonuses that I’m throwing in and so the first product I’m going to give you is how to use your PDFs that you create as backlinks I’m an SEO.

If you don’t know, and a really cool thing that you can do is take your content and your blog post and create PDFs and then upload those to certain places and you’ll be able to get backlinks. So, just I’m going to talk to you, I’m going to show you how to do that and I’m gonna give you some actually the hook of the know.

I can’t speak today, the second, but I’m going to give. You is actually a free copy of my niche renegade course. I had a launch that about two months ago from my ranking rocks or renegade course, and this course is actually the upgrade inside of it’s going to show you how to create a niche sike like a niche blog and monetize.

It not miss other stuff. So I’m gonna give that to you for free, if you buy it with the course, it’s an OTO, but I’m gonna, like sneak I’m giving it being a little sneaky hooking you guys up for free when you give you some WordPress plugins.

If you’re a blogger, I’m gonna give you a hundred free email swipes that you can use in your campaigns, I’m going to show you how to build your list and increase your commissions. At the same time, I’m going to show you how to find the best influencers for Instagram and because, if you have an Instagram account, you can create an ebook.

That’S going to be your lead, magnet and put that in the description as your URL and Instagram. And I’m gonna give you a free module from the ranking rock store on the gate course. Okay, so let me go to where I talked about all the prices in my content.

Okay, so the firt the front end for scribble is forty seven dollars, which i think is actually pretty cool for all the stuff you’re going to be able to do so. That’S that’s the front end up so number one is $ 97 and with end up so number one is $ 97 and with eight down sell of a $ 10 discount and eight down sell of a $ 10 discount, and basically that’s going to give you even More templates, you’re gonna get enhanced content engine you’re, going to get storage you’re going to get thousands of images, styles, layouts, customizations and more, and so basically you’re gonna get 150 more templates than what you saw.

I’M not sure, but you need that because the 210 is quite a lot of templates to be perfectly honest, but if you want to kind of broaden your library, if you have 97 dollars lying around, go ahead and grab it, the monthly templates is up so number.

Two and that’s $ 29.99 monthly. Let me two and that’s $ 29.99 monthly. Let me make sure 2990 yeah at 2995 Ronettes has a down so an option to try it one dollar, one dollar, I’m assuming a week trial and you’ll, get different templates every month, because the more people that buy this people are going to start creating ebooks.


If they, you know that you have templates and you may might start looking the same so with using the monthly the monthly plan, you had the option to kind of get some templates, maybe maybe other people who had the software don’t have so again, that’s up to You I I don’t.

I don’t really like forcing upsells on people, but if there isn’t one upsell, but I would say to get if you’re trying to be upsell II would be the fourth one which I’ll get to sorry in the third one. The third one is a 3d 3d.

Sorry, what I’m trying to say, 3, 3 D, covers sorry and again I like it, but I really like the flip books like the 3d cover I can kind of do without like, but this is a 3d cover, as you can see, but I like the idea Of the flip book that imagine, like you know, you have an Instagram account.

You’Ve created the e-book someone clicks on and they can kind of flip through your content. You can throw some links in there and all this other stuff. So I like the idea of the flip book – that’s going to be a $ 77.

The flip book that’s going to be a $ 77 upsell and zero down. So there’s a down sell for $ 10 discount, the one that I sell for $ 10 discount. The one that I would recommend, if you’re trying to freelance I do want, don’t recommend it if you’re not trying to freelance, but if you are trying to freelance get the auto job finder, because it’s you know who doesn’t use, who doesn’t want a couple extra bucks, Especially if you’re newbie, starting out and you’re still not may be confident on your marketing skills, you can get up and running and sqribble and learn how to creep using these new books that look pretty good and then sell your services on something you know Fiverr and All this other stuff, and also this software, the auto job finder, as I showed you before, will show you how to show you where you can work.

You know where you can find jobs from so I think that I think that’s actually pretty pretty cool. So I’m sorry this lot. This few review is a little bit long, but there’s definitely a lot longer reviews out there, but I basically want to show you just kind of the power of the software.

So with that said basically to get my bonuses, you have to obviously get it through my link. So that’s going to be in the description and it’s going to be a link to the blog post and then you can go ahead and grab it from there and you’ll get my bonuses.

My email and everything is in the contact, but the bonuses will be delivered right to you, except for the niche renegade course you’ll just have to email me and my email will be in the the description itself to contact me with your receipt and everything make sure That you clear your cookies because there’s a lot of affiliates on there and we all are you know as much as I love people everyone’s been competing for the prize and everything.

So if you want my my bonus, is you have to make sure that you’re using my affiliate ID, which is this one right here and anyway? I hope you really enjoyed my sqribble review and doing it, for you guys have a great day and immediate, even more amazing.

We keep crushing it and I’ll talk to you soon. Thank you. You

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